Ministries of Wisdom & Understanding

There are several ministries sponsored by Wisdom & Understanding. We are always looking for help in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ for these ministries. If any of these sound like a good fit, please let us know.

Bible Answers Revealed
God's Word answers the questions we have in life. God has revealed Himself through the Bible and provides all we need to know to live a full life, both now and in the next life.
Jesus Hearse
It is wise to be prepared for the end of life. Both the arrangements for the body left behind as well as for the spirit that moves into the next realm.
Origins Museum
Our origins don't only tell us where we came from, but they also help us understand where we are and where we are going.
Satan's Lies
From the beginning Satan has lied to us. There are many things that are believed to be true today that really are just lies that Satan has continued to propagate.
Walk Through History
This website will provide the experience of walking through history. This will be a graphic experience that will help us understand the true events of history.